Purpose of the training

Introduce the care-givers who are entering psychiatric services to the characteristics of working as a nurse in this field.

Background to the training

Basic training covers each area from beginners' level.
The knowledge gained from this basic training must be strengthened with training that is designed to help students adapt to meet the needs of this profession.

Target audience

Nurses taking their first position in psychiatric services

Training objectives

  • Enable the participants to gain a better understanding of their role in healthcare services and to encourage progressive immersion in this role
  • Learn about the organisations within psychiatric care work
  • Understand the developments within psychiatric care
  • Know the characteristics of psychiatric pathology
  • Understand the different types of psychiatric care
  • Develop existing potential and skills relating to working in an interdisciplinary team
  • Pass oral and written clinical data on to other members of the team


  • 10–15 trainees per group
  • 3 days

Training costs

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