Purpose of the training

Train care-givers to assess suicide risk and to communicate with patients with suicidal thoughts in an appropriate manner.

Background to the training

Talking about suicidal thoughts or thoughts of death with patients who have been hospitalised following a suicide attempt or who are at risk of suicide is always difficult for care-givers.

Target audience

Care-givers who will be in contact with people who are at risk of suicide

Training objectives

Having identified the circumstances of the suicide risk:

  • Adapt communication with the patient who is at risk of suicide
  • Know how to use communication skills in situation in which someone is at risk of suicide
  • Conduct an interview focussed on suicidal thoughts and ideas about dying
  • Know how to use scales to assess suicidal risk
  • Pass oral and written clinical data on to members of the team.

Structure of the training

  • 8–10 trainees per group
  • 2 days  with a 3-week break in-between

Training costs

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