Why pay us your apprenticeship tax?

Apprenticeship tax is essential for our school to run smoothly.    
The tax is dedicated to developing the quality of teaching offered to our trainees and students,    
and contributes to keeping teaching materials up to date (renewing professional equipment) and developing innovative educational projects.

By paying your apprenticeship tax to us, you are playing a part in training future professionals who, upon completing their training, will deliver quality care.

Projects for 2018

  • Modernising the resource library
  • Modernising IT and multimedia equipment (installing an IT-enabled projector system in every classroom)
  • Developing digital teaching by establishing new working methods (digital display board)
  • Buying " scientific " equipment for rooms dedicated to learning through simulation (recording and sound system)

How do you pay us your apprenticeship tax?

Pay your apprenticeship tax to the OCTA ("organisme collecteur de la taxe d’apprentissage"—apprenticeship tax collecting body) of your choice before 1 May 2018 and specify that you would like your
payment to be made to IFITS in Neuilly-sur-Marne.

Further information

Accounting department: c.neves@ifits.fr or g.picard@ifits.fr