Profession : Educational and social support worker

Educational and social support workers Ifits

Educational and social support workers provide assistance with day-to-day tasks for children, adults or elderly people who are vulnerable or who have disabilities. The support workers are brought in to work in people's homes, in medical-social establishments or in schools.

Entrance examination : Educational and social support worker

  • The entrance examination is organised by IRTS Montrouge/Neuilly-sur-Marne (Institut de formation aux métiers du social – social work training institute)
  • To find out more about the calendar, entrance exams and to download the registration form, please visit the IRTS de Montrouge website.

Training : Educational and social support worker

Once you have passed the entrance examination for this course, training will be conducted in 2 locations: Neuilly-sur-Marne and Montrouge

Admission conditions

  • At least 18 years old at graduation
  • Pass the entrance exams

At the date on which training commences:

  • Have a contract of employment
  • or CIF (congé individuel de formation – educational leave)
  • or be looking for work

Length of the training

  • 16 months, alternating between theory-based and practical training


  • Training covers 4 fields:
  1. DF1: "Working as a professional within social services"
  2. DF2: "Providing day-to-day support in close proximity to clients"
  3. DF3: "Cooperating with all relevant professionals"
  4. DF4: "Facilitating clients' social lives and role in society"
  • The choice of one specialist module:
  1. Support in the home
  2. Support in structured communal living
  3. Support in inclusive education and day-to-day life
  • Two or three placements, allocated in such a way that students receive practical professional training in all fields covered by the core and specialist training modules. For those students who hold a DEAMP (diplôme d'Etat d'aide médico-psychologique – state diploma for medical-psychological support workers) or DEAVS (diplôme d'État d'auxiliaire de vie sociale – state diploma for assistant social workers), placements last for 175 hours and link to the chosen specialism.

Training costs : Educational and social support worker

In 2017/2018

  • Complete training: €6,300. File management fee included.

Financial support

  • As covered by OPCA (Organismes paritaires collecteurs agréés – approved joint collecting bodies) : CIF (congé individuel de formation – educational leaving) enables those in employment to take a leave of absence to follow training of their choice.
  • Grants from Pôle Emploi