mannequin apprentissage par simulation

What is learning through simulation?

Learning through simulation is an active educational method, based on the reflective analysis of a healthcare-based activity, performed in a simulation laboratory.
This technique complements the practical exercises (teaching technical skills) and role-plays that are also part of the training offered by IFITS.

An innovative educational method, learning through simulation brings added value when it comes to managing patient risk and security, as well as those faced by the students and trainees working towards professional qualification at IFITS.

IFITS has 5 rooms dedicated to learning through simulation.

What happens during a learning through simulation session?

  • Groups of 6–8 trainees
  • The session begins with a briefing, during which the method is explained and all of the elements necessary to act appropriately in the simulated scenario are provided
  • The students/trainees have to care for a patient (played by an actor). They are watched through one-way glass and filmed during the session
  • After this scenario, the trainers provide a debrief, which also includes the other trainees who were observing the scene (the films are deleted once the debrief is over).
    The debrief is the most important element of the session, allowing the students/trainees to analyse their approach within the simulated situation.
    Confidentiality and kindness between participants are the chief characteristics of the debrief.

Each trainee will benefit from one or two simulation sessions per year of training.

Which courses include learning through simulation?

  • 2017: this method is used by student nurses and trainee care-givers
    The sessions are organised to include both sectors: student nurses and trainee care-givers learn to work together from the beginning of their training
  • Next: learning through simulation is used for trainee childcare assistants, and then the other IFITS training sectors

Students and trainers during a learning through simulation session (debrief):

étudiants et formateurs lors d'une séance APS

What are the benefits of learning through simulation?

  • The exchanges are highly rewarding, particularly the debriefs: students and trainees can analyse and watch back their working practice
  • They also receive a different perspective on themselves, as seen through the eyes of the other training sectors
  • It is unanimously agreed that using this teaching method generates real engagement and great satisfaction for the students and trainees

The layout of a learning through simulation room

Simulation room:

salle apprentissage par simulation aps

Recording room:

salle apprentissage par simulation aps