Blended learning

IFSI has provided its students with a distance learning platform since 2009, to include blended learning in the way its training is organised.

This educational method alternates periods of online learning (self-assessed lessons and tests created by the educational team) with classroom-based teaching at IFSI, led by the trainers. This classroom-based teaching helps to deepen knowledge and respond to any questions that the students may have, with an emphasis on interaction.
Thanks to development within IT and the evolution of new technologies, now at the very centre of our society, blended learning now plays a fundamental role on university study programmes.
As well as showcasing a modern and attractive side of education, blended learning also allows students to engage with their training in an autonomous and active way.

Students can access lessons, in an animated slideshow format with sound, 24 hours a day throughout their 3 years of training.

Academic teaching:

Cours_E-learning_Ifits  Cours_E-learning_Ifits


Practical teaching for nursing:



Self-assessment tests:



The marks are given immediately, to indicate both correct and incorrect answers as well as where an answer is missing:

Cours_E-learning_Ifits Cours_Elearning_Ifits