Keen to encourage humanist values in its students and with the goal of provides training that is innovative and diverse, the institute offers workshops focussed on well-being.

These workshops, organised around a foundation of introducing relaxation therapy, relaxation, massage, theatre and the Feldenkrais method, are led by expert speakers and help to support students on the road to professional qualification. 

The techniques covered allow students to acquire a positive attitude in times of stress, emotion or anxiety. They emphasise the development of an ability to adapt, relationship skills and self-confidence; some of the transferable skills necessary for students to take care of themselves.

Theatre workshops

This introduction encourages students to explore multiple imaginary scenarios, create atmosphere and give life to various characters. Improvisation leads to creativity. Theatre involves working with voice projection, being aware of space and creating a group dynamic, as well trusting others and pushing yourself.

Massage workshop 

This activity helps student nurses become accustomed to the physical contact and massaging common within nursing, as a non-verbal means of communication and a way of improving well-being and relaxation within a patient-carer relationship. 

Relaxation therapy workshop

This introduction allows a student to discover the different physiological aspects of breathing, to develop the sensory perception required to manage times of stress in  healthcare situations and to reduce patient suffering in certain circumstances.

The Feldenkrais Method

This method is based on the same principal as martial arts. In particular, the method teaches you to move correctly (with neither tension nor pain), to coordinate the mental with the physical, to adopt a good posture (ergonomics) and to learn to exercise self-control.