Directrice Christine Marchal

Welcome to the website for the Institut de Formation Interhospitalier Théodore Simon.

Are you hoping to become a nurse, nurse anaesthetist, care-giver, childcare assistant, paramedic, assistant paramedic or to develop your professional skills?

If so, please browse the IFITS website to discover the basic and ongoing training that we can offer

Close to Paris and surrounded by countryside, the institute welcomes around 1000 students and trainees each year, placing it among one of the most subscribed institutes for paramedical training throughout France.
Since it first opened its doors in 1946, the institute has developed a strong practice when it comes to training healthcare professionals.
With innovative projects within the fields of teaching and research, and excellent success rates at degree-level, the institute enjoys a well-earned reputation at regional, national and international level.

A competent, dynamic and engaged team of teachers will support you as you work towards professional qualification, sharing the necessary values with you that you will need to work within the healthcare profession, such as a sense of responsibility, commitment and respect for others.

Anchored by a strong humanist philosophy, the institute will place you at the heart of its training programme by offering you the chance to tailor your course, with one shared objective in mind: your success.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


                                                                                                                                               Christine Marchal