Profession : Assistant paramedics

auxiliaire ambulancier

Assistant paramedics drive light-duty medical vehicles and/or ambulances as a crew member of the graduate paramedic (DEA).    
Assistant paramedics must be able to transport patients on medical prescription in light-duty medical vehicles. Working in a team with the paramedic, assistant paramedics are responsible for driving the vehicle while also participating in patient care, in all circumstances.

Training : Assistant paramedics

Training dates for 2018

  • Course 1: 18–23 March and 9–13 April 2018
  • Course 2: 14–18 May and 28 May–1 June 2018
  • Course 3: 18–29 June 2018
  • Course 4: 24–28 September and 15–19 October 2018
  • Course 5: 5–9 November and 26–30 November 2018


Download the files for registration:

Conditions for registration

  • No age limit or selection exam
  • Hold a valid French driving licence B in accordance with current regulations, and for the last 3 years at least
  • Provide a certificate of suitability to drive ambulances (attestation préfectorale d’aptitude à la conduite d’ambulance) following a medical examination conducted with the provisions defined in article R. 221-10 of the French Highway Code
  • Provide a medical certificate with up-to-date vaccinations (BCG, DTP, Hepatitis B)

Length of the training

2 weeks (70 hours).
IFITS offers 5 of these courses per year.


5 modules:

  • Module 1: emergencies (adapting care, individually and as a team, to the state of the patient, in all emergency situations) – Approval by AFGSU (Attestation de Formations aux Gestes et Soins d'Urgences – Certificate of Training in Emergency First-Aid), level 2
  • Module 2: Hygiene and the prevention of infection transmission
  • Module 3: Handling (ergonomics, safety regulations for positioning and moving patients)
  • Module 4: Medical transportation safety (illness, vehicle, driving)
  • Module 5: Respect for the regulations and values of the profession, managing transport administration

The courses includes theoretical and practical exercises, as well as simulation.

Number of trainees per course

24 trainees

    Training costs : Assistant paramedics

    In 2017/2018

    • Costs for independent applicants : €696
    • Costs for societies : €761
    • Registration fee: €50

    Course fees must be paid in full during the first week of the course.

    Financial support

    • Various bodies can cover course fees: for further information, ask Pôle Emploi, PAIO, Mission Locale or your employer
    • If you'd like to ask a body to cover your course fees, write to the branch secretary for a quotation for the course