The Bde (bureau des étudiants) is the student office. It organises extra-curricular activities. Since we took over the association in June 2017, we have been committed to integrating all of the training courses offered by the school. Following our presentation at the beginning of the new school year, about a hundred students joined the union. As a result, we have been able to organise evenings to bring students together and encourage communication between students entering different professions.


Membres d'Adrenat's

Tom Sabin, Président ADRENATS Julien Nyemb-Tetka, Vice-Président ADRENATS Ramy Tabassi, Trésorier ADRENATS

Tom Sabin
ESI - 2e année

Julien Nyemb-Tetka
ESI - 2e année

Ramy Tabassi
ESI - 2e année

Thomas Vandenbrouck, Secrétaire ADRENATS Aurélie Legros, secrétaire adjointe ADRENATS  

Thomas Vandenbrouck
ESI - 2e année

Aurélie Legros
ESI - 2e année
Secrétaire adjointe



Actu d'Adrenat's

  • December 2017:  "Wrapping up Christmas presents" workshop. The funds that were raised were donated to an association that provides financial support to students who are undertaking a humanitarian placement during semester 6
  • Projects: We are hoping to organise a giant barbecue perhaps some sports activities but, above all, a huge PARTY at the end of the year!


If you'd like to be involved in our events, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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